How to Activate Free SMS Subscription Service For Your Blog 2017

Won’t it be supercool if your audience could subscribe to your blog posts via SMS for free? I mean, they will not have to pay in order to get live updates from you anytime you write a new blog post or you have anything new to share online. That’ll be awesome right?

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Well, it is very possible and the means have been available for quite a long time. I’m simply going to show you how you can utilise it by taking advantage of this service. This ensures that you give your readers a good experience.

Requirements for activating Free Mobile SMS Subscription Service For Your Blog

  • You must have a Twitter Account
  • You must have a means of automatic posting of your latest posts to Twitter
  • You must know your twitter handle name

Activating Free Mobile SMS Subscription Service For Your Blog

You will need to ask your users to do the following and subscribe to live updates from you. For the purpose of this post, we shall be using

Ask your readers to:

  • Send SMS “Follow TechPointsComNg” without quotes to 40404
  • This code is only for Airtel, MTN and Visafone users and it is free
  • For Glo users send “TechPointsComNg” without quotes to 20644

3 Ways You Can Let Your Users Know About How to Subscribe

1) Creating a Landing Page: You can create a landing page for this purpose and tell your users to head on there in order to know how to subscribe to live updates. E.g I consider this method a long process though.

2) You could include this info after every post: If you have lots of pages or posts, you might want to get a plugin (if you are on WordPress). An example of a plugin to use is the Quick Adsense WordPress plugin. With this plugin, you can simply write how users can subscribe to updates and it will show up on every post on your blog once you configure it right.

3) You could do a simple professional image design: Include necessary details and your picture (if you wish) and place it on the sidebar of your blog. First you will need to upload it to your website, copy the link of the image and use the HTML code below

<a href=”#” target=”_blank”><img src=”YOUR IMAGE LINK” /></a>

Replace YOUR IMAGE LINK with the link of the image and copy all the code into a text widget. Ensure the size of the image is same as the size of the sidebar or anywhere possible on your blog

Replace # with a link you might want to include e.g a landing page.

Advantages of SMS Subscription for Your Blog

It will increase your traffic inflow channels: There are various means you can get traffic to your blog and this is just one of such.

Visitors will always come back: No need to run after one time visitors. Once one reads something good on your blog and they subscribe to updates, they’re surely come back when they receive an update from you because it comes with text and link (clickable)
You can pass a message to SMS subscribers without having to do a new post. Anything you post on Twitter is automatically delivered to them.

Best Practices for this Service

  • Always make sure your readers are subscribed to your blog’s official Twitter handle and not your personal handle
  • Do not post on blog or twitter just anything, but stuffs relevant to the niche of your blog
  • Do not post all the time. Too much SMS alerts on phone via Twitter could become annoying and users will opt out of updates for your blog

Do you think this can increase the traffic of your website or blog? I’d love to know.

Thank you for reading…

Please do share.


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