How to Add WhatsApp Live Chat Button on Your Website

Did you know that you could chat live with your website visitors using WhatsApp? Now you do. You don’t need a plugin or a miracle to get that working. This tutorial will cover how to add WhatsApp Chat button in WordPress or any other type of website. This feature on your website is ideal if you run a personal blog, an e-commerce website, or a tutorials/’how tos’ tech website like where you provide help and solve website related issues for your readers.

So, let’s get on with it!

We shall begin with WordPress and stop at a stage and then those who run a non-wordpress website will join us at a certain stage.

How to Use WhatsApp in WordPress

The first thing you will need to do to download a plugin called WhatsHelp Chat Button

This WordPress plugin is available for free on the Plugins database. Hover to Plugins on your WordPress website backend and click on ‘Plugins’ and then ‘Add New’


How to add Whatsapp to your website Plugins

>> Now search forWhatsHelp Chat Button or upload it if you’ve already  downloaded it.

>> Activate the plugin. After that, you’ll see ‘WhatsHelp’ on your WordPress Side Menu. Click it and you’ll be urshered into the configurations or settings page

WhatsApp chat config on wordpress1

>> Now visit to get your code


>>Configure your welcome message and display settings. This can be changed at any time. After this, enter your email in the email box provided and your code will appear.

WhatsApp chat config

WhatsApp chat config

WhatsApp chat config

> For WordPress users, copy the code and place into the box provided by the WordPress WhatsHelp Plugin for WhatsApp Live Chat

WhatsApp chat config on wordpress

>> For non-WordPress users, head on to the backend of your website, copy and paste the code below the </body> tag on every page on your website.

>For users on Blogger, you just have tosearch for the </body> tag by pressing ‘CTRL + F’, enter  </body>, hit enter, (</body> will be highlighted) and paste the code below it. Hit ‘Save Theme’. Do same for the </head> tag (below it) in order to make the widget appear on the home page.

Blogger WhatsApp

When you’re done with everything, go to the homepage of your website and view how it appears on the frontend.

If you are on WordPress and you’re making us of a cache plugin, clear cache first and reload the homepage (or any page) on your website.

If you encountered any issue, kindly let me know via the comments or generally let me know what you feel about this feature on your website. 

For me, I think this feature where people can reach you directly will increase conversion on leads and one could make more sales. For those seeking direct advertisers on their blog, this will be awesome for you.

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Some Key Frequently Asked Questions

What is WhatApp

WhatsApp is a phone application used for instant communication between an individual and the contacts available on his/her phone. It is an app available for download for free on Android and IOS powered phones. This is the most popular instant chat application on mobile. It can also be assessed on a PC.


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