Google AdSense Introduces Responsive Link ADs for Publishers 2017

Google has introduced responsive link ads for AdSense publishers and this move is poised to increase revenue for Ad publishers by 40%. This addition is coming just after the search giant announced that they will no longer ban websites who violate their policies instead they’ll stop serving ads on affected pages.

Now, the google adsense link ads will not expand post screen or get cut off. It will automatically be resized to fit the screen of the device any of your visitors is using. See how it looks below:

Google Adsense Link Ads increase adsense earnings

Although this may be coming as something new for some Google AdSense ad publishers who have not visited or created new ad units, I can confidently say the inclusion of adsense responsive link ad unit is not entirely recent but has a subtle way of evading google adsense ad publishers’ view

Google AdSense Responsive Link ADs -

How to Setup Google AdSense Responsive Link Ads

  • First login to your adsense account
  • Then create a new ad unit in your AdSense account
  • Head on and select “Link Ads” from the Ad Size drop-down menu
  • Then select “Responsive” ad unit
  • Finally, name the unit, then “Save and get code
  • If you wish, you could replace your current Link Ad code with your new Responsive Link Ad code

I bet you’re guilty just like me never to have known this or even what it means at all until now.

If you’ve been using it… well, you could optimise by researching how to increase adsense cpc and using the right keywords

I’m sure those who signed up for the Google Adsense emails to get news, tips and test invitation will know about it because some few minutes ago, the AD network company sent a tip on how to increase google adsense earnings just by using the AdSense responsive link ad on your website.

For me, I do not quite believe the 40% increase in adsense earnings. But I’ve given it a try and I’ll monitor it to know if my daily google adsense earnings will increase.

Do you believe this will increase your adsense earnings? Let me know your thoughts and who knows, I could help with some ideas on increasing google adsense earnings no matter what niche you find yourself 😉


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