How to Connect Xender to PC Without Using a USB Cord

Have you ever tried to transfer large files from your smartphone to your PC or vice versa and your USB cable is not within reach?


Do you get an error message when transferring files from PC to your smartphone due to a faulty USB cord or files being too large?

Then I think now is the time for an alternative and the right app you need on your Android phone to transfer files seamlessly to and fro your computer is Xender!

In this post, I’m going to show you how to Xender in PC or Xender connect to PC without having to use your data cable to transfer files. So let’s begin.

How to Xender Connect to PC

1) Download Xender from Google Playstore (6.09MB)
2) After installation, open the application

3) Just at the top, tap the profile picture to reveal menu and tap ‘Connect to PC’

At this stage, you have two options of using Xender in PC.

1) Connecting Xender via QR code: This option allows you connect Xender to PC by visiting You scan the QR Code (you will be warned that your mobile data will be consumed) and connect. I do not advise you use this method as this will be tantamount to downloading and uploading using data

2) Connecting Xender via wiFi: This is the best option for transferring files to and fro the PC. This is where the beauty of Xender comes to play. With this option, you literally Xender in PC and it involves no use of mobile data at all. Follow the steps below to connect Xender to PC via wifi. PLEASE, TURN OFF YOUR DATA.

1)Having been able to tap ‘Connect to PC’ from pop out menu, tap the broadcast icon on the screen

2) Connect your PC to the Wi-Fi network Xender has automatically created

3) Enter the web address Xender has also created (IP address) on a browser

4) You get a message both on mobile and PC asking you to accept to connect to PC. tap ‘Accept’

Congratulations! You can now Xender in PC.

With this, you can transfer files from your phone to and fro your PC without using a USB cord.

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