Facebook has been Fined Millions for Releasing Your Data to Advertisers

This might not come as a surprise to you… But did you know that Facebook is tracking all your activities on the web even when you are not on facebook.com? I mean, even if you are not on the Facebook web page or you’ve not visited facebook.com for days/months or years (maybe), Facebook still knows all that you do on the web without your permission.


This is why a French data watchdog, Watchdog CNIL, has fined the social giant the sum of 150,000 euros ($166,000 [#63,744,000]) for allowing advertisers have access to users’ data.

That’s not all, Facebook has come forward to disagree with Watchdog CNIL stating that “We take note of the CNIL’s decision with which we respectfully disagree”. This was contained in a statement released to Reuters

Facebook collects users’ data; that we know. But to track our activities even when we ain’t logged in on Facebook and release such data to advertisers for better targeting? Now that’s brutal

How can you stop this? I don’t know! Just be safe online. Who knows, even your passwords and usernames are being tracked (just kidding) 😀


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