GTBank Scam Alert! How Hackers Now Rob Customers (Photos)

Attention is being drawn to a message going on a rampage on Social Media about how hackers now take advantage of the official ‘GeNs’ of the popular Guaranty Trust Bank. So I made the extra effort to request for evidence from the main source and got photos to support the story.

Below is the message as being circulated. Note: it is unedited. Posted as received.

If you have an account with gtbank this message is for you.
This happened to me OluwaDamilola Ayomi Olatunbosun (ayomiessentials) few hours ago

I got an email from gtb (my one and only bank) some hours ago that I was debited 14,500 for a bulletin I subscribed for, the email further read I should click a link to oblige and another link below to decline, I clicked on the link to decline cos the mail read it will be assumed that I agreed to the terms and conditions if I don’t respond to the mail in 12hrs………..

I clicked on the link to decline the offer since I don’t want my 14,500 to be debited for some magazine I didn’t subscribe for (note that I got these same email last week and I got tried calling gtbank customer service that day, I gave up after wasting about 600naira worth of airtime, I felt the need to respond when if got the message today again)……….lo and behold the link took me to my Internet banking page, it requested that I enter my log in details which I did………the page requested I answer my test question which I did 1st then entered my 6 digits token code which Is usually requested when doing online banking.

Almost immediately I filled the form, the page kept loading and i was hoping I’d see a page where I’ll click the Decline button or something then the worse thing happened…………. I got an alert that all the money in my account has been debited. They left only the kobo for me this happened to me less than 2hrs ago.

I went to the nearest gtb and I was told that my account was hacked.
The debit alert I got showed that I recharged with all the money in my account.

Lo and behold I was given the number that was recharged at the bank 08170003208 (I was told at the bank that I used my money to recharge that number thinking it’s mine, I wonder if if wanted to call heaven or hell that I will recharge that much of money on recharge)All my money is gone and nothing can be done about it, I’m sharing these with you all so u won’t fall a victim.Please be careful.

Note that the mail came from [email protected] under the disguise of [email protected] as shown in the images below.

Please pass on to all gtbank subscriber you know so that they won’t fall a victim of these hackers. They are everywhere.

GTB Scam AlertGTB Scam Alerts

GTB Scam Alert4

So, beware of this latest gimmick by fraudsters and protect yourself online.

Guaranty Trust Bank has been contacted for comments.

UPDATE: The GTBank team was contacted via live chat (for quick feedback) and a customer service representative, Nancy stated:

In recent times, our attention has been drawn to mails being sent out by fraudsters, requesting for such sensitive information as internet Banking Account and ATM Card Details. Some of this mails also request that the recipients update their account records by clicking on links to fake Internet banking and Inter switch websites. Please ignore these mails and do not respond to them as such mails were not initiated by Guaranty Trust Bank Plc or Inter switch.

GTB Response on Scam

How do you think one can efficiently prevent such from happening. I’ll love to know your thoughts in the comment section.


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