How to Know Who Read Your Message on a WhatsApp Group

Since the takeover of WhatsApp by Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook, the instant message Lord has been able to introduce notable features into the app which a sizable number of users are certainly not aware of years after the update.

One of such features is the ability to see who has been able to read the message sent by you to a WhatsApp group. With this feature, no one can claim not to have read or received your message on a WhatsApp group.

You can follow these simple steps to use this WhatsApp feature

1) Open your WhatsApp application
2) Open any group you’re a member of
3) Send a message or engage in a conversation
4) Hold down a message you’ve sent to highlight it (just one)

5) Take a look at the top bar that has appeared. You’ll see a number of icons

6) Tap the icon that’s in form of a power circle in between the star and delete icons

On tapping the icon, WhatsApp will show to you the group members who have read your message and those who have not but have got the message delivered to them.


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