This New Android Wear App Will Help You Stop Smoking

Do you smoke? (Please, don’t answer that)

Why do you smoke? (Don’t answer that either)

Now, the question you should answer is… Do you want to stop smoking?

The question is important because, according to Kiwi, makers of ‘Cue’, an AI-focused Android Wear app that helps smokers cut down on smoking, you need to have a goal towards quitting smoking before their brainchild app can actually help stop the smoking habit.

Cue, by Kiwi is an app that helps smokers quit the smoking habit by tracking when and where a smoker typically smokes. It is an app for smartwatches only and still in the beta mode

What this app does is simple:

It tracks intervals you smoke and tries to extend the time gap between when you take sticks of cigarette. For instance, if you smoked at 7AM and you took another stick 12:30PM, then another by 6:00PM, the app tracks this trend and schedules when your next smoke will be. It then extends the interval and schedules your next smoke longer than the usual time.

Will this work?

Well, the path to quitting smoking requires discipline by the smoker. Also, Kiwi has put in place a rewards to encourage users with points. Users get to convert their points to credits and use them at Starbucks

What do you think? Can this app really change someone who is addicted to smoking?


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