Google Adsense Announcement: We Will No Longer Ban Your Websites (just like that)

Hey bloggers! There’s good news coming from the ad network giant, Google Adsense.

Google Adsense has announced on their blog that they’ll no longer ban domains that violate their google Adsense policies. Instead, they will disable ads serving on the specific pages that violate their AdSense publishing policies.

Good news right?

Good News

That’s not all. Google also announced a new policy center for websites owners that make use of AdSense on their blogs. This way, issues concerning AdSense will be resolved fast; no more delays that take days and even weeks to get attended to.

But does this mean google AdSense publishers can now violate at will? Definitely not!

According to the announcement made by the search giant, constant and repetitive violations will attract a ban on the domain and ads will no longer be served on all pages

This is surely a good initiative to enhance google Adsense support as they’re targeting towards being more transparent

But you know what I think? I think more transparency should be geared towards releasing useful information on AdSense application disapproval. This will help bloggers know what they are not doing right in getting their application approved for AdSense.

What do you think?


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    • Certainly, it is! But like the popular Spiderman series movie… with great power comes great responsibility!
      I hope publishers will not abuse this.

  • This sounds good. But as good as it is some publishers we still take advantage of the tech giant transparency on the new policy. However, I believe Google would have it in mind that publishers we take advantage of it. And without doubt Google will once day be transparent on why publisher find it more difficult to get approval on first application.

    • Approval on first application may not be possible. But a more concise “WHY” the application was rejected will do a lot of good.