Now You Can Scan Your Website for Hacks and Security Threats; Thanks to Gravityscan by WordFense

Do you want to ensure that your website is easily hacked? Do you want google to index your website or blog and show it to users as a fake hacking website?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to the two questions above, please, you’ll have to stop reading at this point. But if you screamed ‘NOOOooooo!’, then I have exciting news for you! The team behind the most popular security WordPress plugin, WordFense has launched a new portal where any website can be scanned and they call it ‘GravityScan

GravityScan by wordFense

GravityScan was launched 16th of August, 2017 and users have recorded tremendous success. And what’s more? it is very free! Unless, of course, you desire detailed analysis of results then you’ll have to pay a token. You can scan any website built on any platform at all (blogger, WordPress, Joomla, drupal, HTML etc). Now peeps looking at how to hack a website will surely meet a road block once you handle security threats on your website.

With the analysis given by Gravityscan, you can even detect a fake hacking website whenever they send you phishing email messages. With this, hacking a website might actually become a thing of the past (so I pray)

I’ve also tried it myself on mobile. Below are the results and other images.

Gravityscan images  Gravityscan imagesGravityscan more images  Gravityscan more imagesGravityscan images  Gravityscan more images

There you have it! So go on, scan your website and know what areas of your website you have to secure. I’ll like to

I’ll like to know what you think about Gravityscan.


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