Starting A New WordPress Website? Here are Top 10 WordPress Plugins You’ll Need

What makes building a website on the WordPress CMS awesome is the flexibility it offers via the use of plugins and themes. With WordPress, you can build any website on the planet earth! Though extensive functionality made not be possible for some purposes. The Best free WordPress plugins give maximum satisfaction and most are rated amongst the top 10 WordPress plugins for blogs built on the most popular CMS

So, are you starting a new website on, or moving to, WordPress from blogger and you are at a loss as to the core plugins you must install to get the website running? Don’t worry, this post focuses on the best free WordPress plugins out there you can conveniently use to be successful with your website.

Top 10 WordPress Plugins You’ll Need to Start a New WordPress Website

  1. Akismet Anti-Spam WordPress Plugin

Askimet WordPress plugin top 10 best free plugins

This is the number one plugin you should install. In fact, it comes with the WordPress installation core and you can never miss it. With this plugin, you can block spam comments. Spam comments are a bug as bots will certainly launch even on your ‘Hello WordPress’ default post. In order to configure it, click on settings on the WordPress menu by the left and click on Askimet.

The Major features in Akismet are:

  • You can automatically check all comments and filter spam comments
  • With the comment history, you can check all comments you’ve already spammed should you have done that by mistake
  • Website links have no hiding place as the body of the comment reveals them
  • There is a number of comments placed on each user.
  • You can also use the discard feature and outrightly block the worst of spam comments

Note: You will need the Askimet API to activate it. These are free for personal blogs

2. Contact Form 7

Conact 7 Top 10 Best free WordPress plugin -
You want to skip this? No way! Your users or clients may want to reach you and the only way that is possible is via a contact form on your contact page or footer. In fact, it is one of the requirements for Google AdSense approval; you must have a means of contact. I agree that your clients or users can reach you via your email address or phone number or even social media profiles but you will surely need a form for them to fill and below are the reasons why:

Why You Need Contact Form 7 on WordPress Website

  • For ease of reach. Your users can reach you quickly on your website and do not have to copy your email address to log into their emails and send you a message
  • You retain your audience. Once your audience leave your website, they may not return that instant.
  • The Contact form keeps them on your website and this reduces bounce times.
  • It is professional. Or it makes you look professional! If you mean business, your contact page will be filled with information and a form people can actually input delicate information and transfer to you instantly

You can download this plugin by clicking ‘Plugins’ on the WordPress menu and then click add new. Just search for it and you’ll find it. It is free.

3. WP Fastest Cache

WP Fasted Cache Top 10 Best Free Wordpres Plugins-

Uurrh! This plugin is a delight anytime any day! WP Fastest Cache is “the simplest and fastest WP Cache system” plugin you can find out there. This plugin helps your website load faster; almost like a jet! It also reduces load time on your server. We also have WP Rocket and WP Total Cache and WP Super Cache. But I have tested all and can confidently tell you that WP Fastest Cache is the best WordPress Cache Plugin out there. Why?

It is very lightweight!

Why use a cache plugin that is heavy when you actually want your website to be faster? WP Total Cache is quite heavy and very complicated! Same with WP Rocket and the likes. With WP fastest cache, you only need to tick boxes and see miracles happen.

You can download this plugin by clicking ‘Plugins’ on the WordPress menu and then click add new. Just search for it and you’ll find it. It is free.

It has a Pro version too.

4. All in One WordPress Security Plugin

All in One Security WordPress plugin Top 10 Best Free Wordpres Plugins-

To be frank with you, All in One WordPress Security is not my favourite security plugin. Anytime, any day, I’d opt for WordFense security but lately, Wordfense security plugin gives one of my websites a 500 Error. Besides, you can only get full functionality with the pro version. It’s not so with All in One WordPress Security plugin.

So, I’d recommend All in One Security plugin as the best free WordPress Security plugin in the market. In fact, for all of my clients, that’s what I use. It has all the features you can think of and will surely make the Top Best WordPress Security Plugin chart list anytime.

One feature I’d recommend you should always use is the change of the wp-admin url. That feature endears it to many users on the WordPress CMS.

5. YOAST SEO WordPress Plugin

Yoast SEO WordPress plugin Top 10 Best Free Wordpres Plugins-

Over the years this plugin has proven to be the best SEO plugin for WordPress. Most times, users have tried to compare it with SEO Pressor. My opinion? Yoast SEO VS SEOpressor, Yoast SEO will always win… well, not always if you considered the different features of both. But, Yoast SEO is very free and SEOpressor has no free version. That’s what makes Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin stand out always.

Yoast SEO will give your blog posts definite direction and tell you how well it will fare on Search Engines. Besides that, Yoast SEO is a complete SEO plugin for WordPress. It comes with the feature of building a sitemap and submitting to Google webmaster. It helps you verify your domain for Google and Yandex and Bing… Yoast SEO gives you control over the visibility of your posts on Google, Bing, and Yandex. Install it today, it is free and has a pro version too

6. Social Media Auto Publish

Social Media Auto Publish WordPress plugin Top 10 Best Free Wordpres Plugins-

Your post may never go viral if you do not share on social media. Now, I know how tedious it can be when you want to share your posts one at a time on all your social media pages or profiles. That’s why I recommend Social Media Auto Publish WordPress plugin which is the best auto post WordPress plugin. For me, it beats the NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster WordPress plugin because with the free version of Social Media Auto Publish, you can connect to more than just one Facebook page you are an admin of. This is not so for NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster WordPress plugin which requires you to buy the pro version before you can connect more than one Facebook page you own.

With Social Media Auto Publish as the best free auto post WordPress plugin, once you click ‘publish’ on your posts, your updates gets to all Facebook, LinkedIn and Twiter profiles you have connected. Where NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster WordPress plugin might have an upper hand is the ability for users to connect Google Plus accounts and other social networks. But still, it’s for the pro version.

7. SumoMe

SumoMe WordPress plugin Top 10 Best Free Wordpres Plugins-
A complete website or blog is one that empowers readers to share posts easily across all social media platforms. Most WordPress themes come along with such feature but you might want to ditch that for something that will record the number of shares overtime even if you don’t want to show it on your blog. SumoMe wordpress plugin is the best free Social Share wordpress plugin for blogs and website. It gives so much for the free version. I so love the mobile aesthetics it brings to bear. It is so perfect yet simple. Daily, it gives you the number of shares you got and which of the social media button users used most in sharing your posts.

There are lots of other social media share plugins but using the free version of SumoMe almost feels like an advanced tool for pros that should not be free at all.

8. WP Smush

WP Smush It plugin Top 10 Best Free Wordpres Plugins-
WP Smush is a WordPress plugin that will automatically reduce the size of uploaded images but not the quality. Once installed, you have no more work to do. Just upload an image (not too big in MB though) and it undergoes automatic compression. This helps the WordPress Fastest Cache to make your website faster. There’s no way you would not want to use images on your website to make your posts beautiful or give more meaning to the messages you want to pass across.

WP Smush is a free plugin and the best image compression WordPress plugin you can use for your blog. It has a pro version that can compress more images at a time or images that are bigger in size

9. AdSense Plugin WP QUADS

AdSense Plugin WP QUADS Top 10 Best Free Wordpres Plugins-
AdSense Plugin WP QUADS is an improved version of Quick Adsense WordPress plugin. The makers of the plugin boost of WP QUADS being well coded with no overhead. One interesting feature about this plugin is that you can use of for other purposes, let’s say, a custom ad and not just AdSense.

I’m sure you have the intention of placing adverts on your wordpress website. This plugin will help you do just that. It is really customised for such purpose.

10. Inline Related Posts

Inline Related Posts Top 10 Best Free Wordpres Plugins-
I pinched myself when I later discovered this plugin years after starting my first professional website. I read other blogs and inbetween paragraphs, I see some related reads or posts and I wondered how they came about that. I tried to do it manually and sooner, it got very tiring until I discovered a plugin that could do just what I wanted.

Inline Related Posts WordPress plugin will place similar or related posts in between paragraphs on your blog posts. You do not have to do it manually. Just configure it once and state how many related posts should show up on a post and you’re good to go.

For news websites whose content depend on recency, this plugin may not be a good idea to use. But you have the option of blocking a post category or posts with a certain tag from showing up on posts.

The best WordPress plugins give better functionality with a paid version. The 10 plugins listed up there are all free and can be upgraded as well. There are other you could also install, but a good practice is to install a less number of plugins to ensure good speed and page load time.

Do you know other plugins for WordPress that can be used or are you using better alternatives? Kindly share…


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