This is one of the most self explanatory, simple and direct ad I have seen in recent times.

If you love any teenager, send them this post, it will help them!

I love the way the advertisers brought the message into the limelight at the end of the ad. The popular belief of peer pressure is negative but this? This is a breakout from the norm. It is said that when a dog bites a man, it is no news story but when a man bites a dog, now that is news!

This ad has a twist that makes the message indelible. The costumeĀ also supports the negativity everyone must have thought the friends to be. The age range? Perfect! The script… good!

Kudos to #YOLO (You Only Live Once) and supporters/sponsors of this advertisement.

Please, again, share this with any teenager you know. Peer groups or friends don’t have to influence negatively!


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